About Us

Omar Basha, your own toothsome factory fantasy, welcomes you! It's the newest addition to Illinois' Nuts and Candies hub, a home of confectionaries. We're here to satisfy all your sweet tooth needs. The Omar Basha Company was founded in 2010 and was known for roasting top grade A quality tree nuts. Our huge collection of candy, chocolates, spices, seeds, confections, nuts, and dry fruits and sweets makes it a perfect treat for yourself or as gifts for special people, events, and occasions.

Our mission has been to provide delightful, fresh and quality nuts and confectionaries to the community. With over 100 confectionaries ranging from A-Z, we have created our own sweet land! We have curated the best variety of freshly roasted nuts and dried fruits from around the world. With our highly trained chocolatiers and our developed recipes, we’re delivering the sweetest and smoothest chocolate confectionaries in the town.

Turkish Delights & Sweets:

Our Turkish delights are not only colorful, but super soft and delicious! Our famous delights are made by the best in the business. They use the finest, most natural ingredients and only make it upon order, which keeps it fresh and unique. We offer both delights with or without freshly roasted nuts. We take care of your specific dietary needs and restrictions, and have introduced many options like gluten-free, lactose-free, sugar-free, organic, and vegan-friendly sweets — ALL under one roof.

Chocolates & Candies:

We house the finest and all time favorite chocolates and candies. Our chocolate and candy makers have been known to have the best chocolates and candies from the Middle East. We delight our customers with customized chocolates, almonds, hazelnuts, and dried fruits filled chocolates. We host an attractive collection of candies with many twists and turns for candy lovers. Our customers love the mouth-melting, delicious chocolates we deliver in premium packaging.

Dried Fruits & Nuts:

We import our dried fruits from Turkey, Syria, and South America. We use 100% fruits, with no artificial flavors, in our popular dried fruit/raw nuts mix (dried fruit mix) to create a snack that's probably the healthiest in the entire store. We aim to promote healthy eating, and the secret to our success is the way we roast our nuts. Besides importing the highest quality tree nuts, our roasting process becomes key in achieving this purpose.


We import premium quality spices, with the authentic taste and flavor, for adding nutritional value to your daily needs. From basic spices to rarest ones all are available at our store. We're proud to keep our customers happy for years and years.

At Omar Basha, all the products are authentic and reasonably priced to give you the tastiest and healthiest treat! We bond with customers by providing them fresh quality and taste, and giving them their money's worth! Our team is dedicated to deliver you the best service and products and our 80% daily orders successfully come from our repeat customers.